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Yantai Hui Long steel structure company was founded in 1996, straight to Yantai Hui Long Industrial Co., Ltd., is a design, manufacture and construction of steel structure building system professional service provider. Relying on the advantages of technology, to a professional steel structure design based on extended to the design, processing, installation of the integration of the mode of DB, for Hui Long steel of the sustainable development provides a powerful internal assurance.

Under the joint efforts of all staff, the Department of long steel after 27 years of accumulation, has developed into a steel structure engineering professional contracting secondary qualifications, assets more than 50 million, output value amounting to billions of dollars, embodies the profound cultural background of the standardization of professional firms.

Company is mainly engaged in all kinds of industrial and civil construction steel structure engineering construction, including the industrial workshop of steel structure, multi and tall steel structure buildings, bridges, power plants, stadiums, schools and other public buildings design and construction. The scope of services include: light, heavy steel structure, metal curtain wall composite plate and the metal wall and roof composite board, steel building bearing board, various types of prestressed lightweight floor; the building integrated sets of products.

The steadfast work, service users, Hui Long Steel will, as always, pioneering and enterprising, efforts for economic and social development, the environment more friendly to make greater contribution.

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